estmapEstonian Boat – Estboat –  was formed in 1999 to bring together in one organisation all the boating companies and other bodies involved in the recreational marine market, and to represent them at national and international level. Today, our members include the vast majority of boating companies in Estonia, presenting a strong and united voice when dealing with issues challenging the market.


  • Organises international Tallinn Boat Show „Meremess
  • Promotes recreational boating as being fun and available for all, with focus on clean and attractive marine environment.
  • Seeks to break down all unnecessary or unviable legislation.
  • Maintains dialogue with international bodies and marine associations in neighboring countries.
  • Raises awareness of the recreational marine market’s requirements and objectives, with focus on boating safety.
  • Maintains near field communication with Estonian Government and regulatory authorities on behalf of its members.
  • Collects marine industry statistics and publishes the semi-annual and annual recreational boating market sales statistics.
  • Supports its members in every way possible.

Estboat arranges meetings where members can share their experiences, formulate agreed policy and most importantly plan collectively to address the issues of the market, and Estonian marine culture at large.

With the support of our members and in conjunction with the appropriate associations, Estboat lobbies national authorities and major organisations and publishes documents to help the growth of the market.

Estboat acts on behalf of all those concerned for the Estonian boating market’s continued success and the public’s ability to enjoy boating at all levels in a clean environment.